Friday, May 21, 2010

Well Here We Go

D-day has arrived! I am sitting on the step of the local Yoga Centre in 'Slightly Bigger Town' after hopping off the bus waiting for the exam time to roll around. Only another 45mins! So instead of checking that I have everything for the 100th time (2 pencils, Eraser, Sharpener, ID, Letter of Confirmation - Check) I thought I would de-stress on the laptop.
Thank God the bus was better this morning. The crazies don't seem to get up that early so I had a bus full of school kids (reasonably annoying, but they ignore you) and the intellectually disabled . That I can handle! I spent the first 10 mins with the girl who brings all her dolls on the bus. She is really sweet and I even got to hold 'Katie' as she moved them all to another seat for the third time. Apparently this must be done in a particular order and some of them don't like to sit next to each other. So I forgot all about my exam by playing dolls for a while, but then she decided she needed to claim a seat further down the front before all the school kids got the good one's and left me to it. It was a MUCH better trip! I like talking to disabled people a lot more than those who are simple crackers.
So now I am sitting here trying to soak up a few rays of sunshine and maybe some residual good vibes from the yoga centre, having received my good luck calls from my cheer squad (thanks guys) and thinking that maybe it will all go well. 20 mins to go now so I will sign off and walk up to the Uni now.
Wish me luck!!!!!


  1. Hi there! Good luck with the exam, tho you're probably either in the process of it now as I write, or finished it. I hope you do well, and get into the nursing course at Uni. I am an RN myself, and have been nursing 12.5 years now. Look forward to following your journey here in blog world.

  2. Not sure! Well I think but will only really have an idea in 3 - 4 weeks. For now I am deliriously happy and not even minding the trip home on the 'Crazy Bus'. Thinking of asking the guy next to me if he would mind sharing his cask of wine though! It is lunch time after all! LOL!!! Thanks Guys, The support means so much!