Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bingo Time!

Well I finally got off my butt and finalized my paper work for the Nursing Home. Have to report for duty on Friday in time for 1 O'clock Bingo!
So I am going armed with great advice from a great friend.
Friend - "Now if you are reading out the BINGO numbers - speak slow and clear."
My Response - " And very bloody LOUD!!! LMAO"
Bring It On! It is all starting to happen now! 


  1. LOL! Yup...some of the oldies are deaf as, and some of the cunning ones have selective hearing! LOL.

  2. They have a sign up in the office that reads - 'Old age and cunning will always beat youth and enthusiasm!'
    I though that was good! LOL

  3. LOL...too funny. Old age and cunning go hand in hand. True tho, some of them are quite cunning. You soon learn to pick them! LOL. Then again, some are quite endearing, and most have great stories to tell. Thats what I love. Their history, wealth of life experiences.

  4. Really looking forward to it now! I'll keep you posted!