Friday, May 21, 2010

Faced The Firing Squad And Survived - I Think!

Walking up the hill to the Uni this morning I felt like I was going to face the firing squad. There is nothing worse than that impending feeling of doom. All the what if's were flying around my brain - What if I have a complete brain explosion? - What if I run out of time? - What if I throw up on the test book? Trust me they got more absurd from then on in! At least I was able to give myself a bit of a chuckle at the door. But then they made us wait for the correct time to enter the exam room and we all sat there looking scared shitless.
So I spent the next two hour swinging wildly between confident and petrified and then back again. Who the hell writes these questions? I spent 10 minutes analysing drawings done by a man on Acid! No kidding! They were sort of cool! But some of the other questions had  my head spinning. I managed to finish with 15 mins to spare and had time to recheck a couple of answers I was not confident about then closed the test book and stared out the window resisting the urge to panic for the last 5 mins.
The sense of relief when I walked out of that room was quite intense. I think I have only just calmed down after spending the afternoon completely delirious. Found myself in tears several times for no reason at all, but what keeps going around in my head can be summed up by the following song. Have a listen!
Dar Williams - Farewell to the old me


  1. We have the STAT over here in WA as well. I did it the long, hard way and went back to college to do my Year 12 Uni entrance exams. Then did my Bachelor of Science(Comphrehensive Nursing)which took another 3.5 years. It was a long hard struggle: living independently on Austudy. Thankfully I don't have kids, and only had the challenge of being in a dysfunctional, abusive relationship with an alcoholic at the time. Wishing you all the best, and fingers crossed for you too.

  2. Hey!!!! Another Sandgroper! I am a stranded West Ozzi! You have just made me homesick! LOL!Where did you do your degree? I went back to Canning College to do it that way many years ago as well but got kicked out for non-attendance. Young, stupid and Free Wine Nights at DV8 nightclub. Cringe!! Good to be in contact with someone from home!

  3. Another thing to check off the list now. You are doing it!!!

    So when do you get your results?

  4. My problem is that I keep adding them to the bottom of the list faster than I can tick them off!

  5. OMG! Its a small world! I did my mature age TEE at Canning College! Then went onto study nursing at Curtin. Wow...pleased to meet you! BTW...I'm a maori aussie sandgroper! Came here when I was 10, been here 31 years and mostly in Perth. Travelled extensively around OZ, and did a couple of country contracts in NSW. Goulburn and Narrandera. Travelled abit too in NSW...its a lovley state.

  6. Not as lovely as WA though!!! LOL