Friday, May 7, 2010

Plan B

I went to see my 'Employment Case Manager' today. Went well, but it still does my head in! Basically in order to keep my pension I am required to actively look for work or be participating in a activity that will enhance my ability to look for work. No probs! That is where my case manager comes in. The strategy is for me to get into full time study next year, but there is a lot of time to fill before then, so what to do? I don't really want to get another job in hospitality and coming into winter in a tourist town there are not many around anyway, so we have basically decided that doing a Uni Prep course may be the way to go. So I have spent many hours on the internet this evening trying to find out my options. Well, they are fairly limited! There are courses through the local TAFE college that cater for people who want to continue study but never completed their schooling, but they are only going to get me to the pre-Tertiary Prep Course Stage.

Course 6504 Preparation for Vocational and Further Study is designed to help you to improve your knowledge and skills for further study in TAFE or University or to refresh your skills to enter the workforce. This course is particularly suited to those returning to study after a long absence or needing to upgrade your skills to enter other courses in TAFE and some Universities.
This course can be used as entry into the Tertiary Preparation course in TAFE which is the tertiary pathway to some courses in TAFE and University.
So I do 360 hours and achieve not much! The idea is to get my brain going as well as keep the government powers-that-be happy. Well, no tick in the first box for that one! 

As it does not really matter to them what I study, I have come up with Plan B.

Medical Terminology (Advanced)
Complete by Distance Learning using a workbook and CD and regular phone and email contact. Course covers medical terminology from introduction to advanced. Successful participants will receive a Statement of Attainment for Certificate III Business Administration (Medical).
I can study from home, which is very helpful when you live in the middle of nowhere, it may just be a lot more helpful to me next year than a General Studies Course and it is Accredited.

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  1. Good idea to get your brain going :-) I wish I had before I threw myself in the deep end!