Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Well, you all told me it was possible and I never quite believed it, but I made it through First Year! 

OK, so I obviously could have told you all that 6 months ago, but what I didn't know is that I not only made it onto the Dean's Merit List but I was awarded the prize for Top 1st Year Nursing Student!

So thanks for all the support folks! Rereading your comments motivated me, made me smile, made me cry and for all of those things I am incredibly grateful!

Monday, April 18, 2011

What Happened To You

OK, so I have been incredibly slack! Well here is the update.
I am now 7 weeks into my degree and struggling to keep up with the lectures, tutorials, simulations and workshops. Then there is the assignments (one down and 4 due in the next 3 weeks) and the exams (one down and 2 more this week). My first clinical placement is in less than 6 weeks and I feel like the only thing I am competent at is Hand Washing and Making Beds! I had to hunt for a new house and then move in the first month of uni and three weeks later the only thing fully unpacked is my new study (no longer working in the livingroom). I 'lost' a very expensive textbook only to find it a week later in plain view on top of the printer. My 7 year old is coming home from school and lecturing me on neuroscience and drawing diagrams of nerve cells and brains (he was absolutely mortified that I didn't know what the Corpus Colossus was). I am pitifully broke and my love life is nonexistent. To summarise, I am a mess!
But I am loving it! I have never been happier! This truly is the best thing I have ever done!
So sorry for neglecting the blogosphere, I will make a concerted effort to write more often. In fact I have already started composing my next post in my head!

Stay Safe
Nurse Wannabe

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Doin A Happy Dance!

It's been a long wait to find out, but on Friday morning I got an Offer from the University! I officially start the Bachelor of Nursing program in February!!!!

I'M IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And Time Continues To Creep Along......

Well, the end of the road is in sight! I have submitted my scholarship applications for next year with only days to spare and now I am at a bit of a loss. 
My University application is 'pending', but applications for those close on Friday as well, so I am now just hanging around waiting to hear back from everyone to tell me if they will let me do what I want. 
God only knows what I will do if I don't get in because I really don't have a 'Plan B'.
Should I have a 'Plan B'???

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Perfect Day!

 Perfect start to the School Holidays! Found a quiet spot away from the tourists and lay back in the sun watching my boy play. The only drama was the fight over the prawn he caught and wanted to take home as a pet. I told him I was not going to allow him to take home a dead prawn, to which his reply was 'I am sure I felt a pulse!' Shit Eh! Still looks dead to me! Needless to say we are now the proud owners of a dead prawn!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Got Lucky Again!

My son and I got lucky again today! Took his scooter out for a ride along the airport and not only saw a plane land and take off but were also lucky enough to catch the RAAF (Airforce) Rescue Chopper as it did a brief fuel and coffee stop. Awesome!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It Just Gets Worse

I am writing this as I watch my good friend bounce off the walls.
This week has been very challenging for him. His primary carer has pretty much discovered that she is in no way prepared for the realities of helping someone through the last stages of life and asked him to move out. He had already been advised by his nursing service that it might be a good idea to sort out other accommodation as the situation there is less than ideal but this was something he was going to take his time considering and not something he expected to be thrust upon him while on holidays via email and text message. Says it all really! The stress of all of this has been showing in various ways, but none so impacting as the effect on his health.
Last night he asked me if the right side of his face looked funny, but I could not notice anything wrong. His eye was weeping and he was having minor difficulties eating but was not especially worried. We went to sleep last night and he slept till 5pm this afternoon. When he woke up his face was noticeably different and after several hours of analysing how it felt he agreed to get it checked. So off to Small Town Hospital we went. Well the verdict was Bells Palsy possibly caused by a minor stroke. It is a little hard to really tell what is going on because of the sheer amount of narcotics and neuroblockers he is taking. Also our small hospital is obviously not equipped to run certain tests, but after consultation with his usual hospital he has been put on steroids and we will take it from there.
Needless to say he is taking this latest downturn quite hard. That is evident in the fact that since we returned home he has cleaned my shower, toilet and sink, scrubbed my kitchen and now has spent the last hour melting down my old candles and making new ones. And this is after taking 15mg of Valium! Holy Crap! The man won't stop! And at this stage there is nothing I can do but sit here and and watch him be a human yo-yo and make sure he doesn't burn down my house. So I will stay up until he winds down and hope that tomorrow brings him some small measure of peace and acceptance.
Thanks for listening to my ill-composed waffling but I really needed to vent.

Stay Safe - Nurse Wannabe