Tuesday, August 24, 2010

May I Please Have My Brain Back?

Meet our new toy, Arthur! He took us 3 hours to build!

 I think he wants his brain back! 


  1. That is very cool!!! I was looking for something like that when I was in A&P. Looks like your son enjoys that stuff just as much as my daughter!

  2. Found it at a second hand shop and fell in love! LOL! He also has another layer that is the muscles, but my son is right - he looks cooler without his muscles! And so the collection of medically related toys expands yet again. I just can't seem to help myself!

  3. Nice find!
    I was looking for something like that in thrift shops, half body is the only thing i found.

  4. Got told by one of my son's class mates yesterday that I am the coolest Mum because I have a skeleton! Was really tempted to tell him to go tell his mum that, because personally, the mothers think I am a bit strange! LOL