Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Very Happy Camper!

This morning I had a rather upsetting fight with my ex, which I must say, left me in quite a state. I left there angry and shaking like a leaf. So I went to sit by the lake and regain some of my calm but found that after the anger receded it was replaced with a great wave of depression, followed once more by more anger, which no amount of deep breathing seemed to dislodge. 'Feel it and let it go' was not working and my normal therapy - grab the camera and go - seems to have lost some of it's appeal. So sitting there feeling quite miserable I sent out a plea to the universe - Goddess, I need therapy!!!
Then I heard it! Coming in low over the hill behind me was a chopper. Watching it go over my head and across the lake to the airport, I said to myself, there is my therapy! So I got in the car and followed. I sat in the car at the airport watching the planes and the grounded ChildFlight helicopter and started to feel a lot better. Now I should explain that our airport  is VERY small so there is not a lot to see. We have one runway and only a couple of flights a day. There are a few light aircraft and you really have to be lucky to actually see something land or take-off. But the bonus with an airport such as ours is the fact that you can park in the very small parking lot and be a few hundred meters from the runway and the only thing separating you from the action is a security fence. I waited for the crew to have their coffee break and get the call to get going and then emerged from the car to watch as the rotors slowly started to turn. So there I am, the only person at the airport clinging to the fence in anticipation. Well they didn't let me down! I was standing there wishing I could get closer as it suddenly rose into the air and then skimmed the ground till it was directly in front of me about 20 meters away, then turning away from me it headed towards the runway and turned north. It hovered there about 5 meters off the ground for about 30 seconds then suddenly it's nose tilted forward and it was off flying low and fast along the runway! Wicked!!! And there I was still clinging to the fence with a massive grin on my face!
There are several things that really get this girl's blood racing - ambulances and anything airborne. Combine those two things and holy crap! Several hours later I am still grinning! Damn, I really should have filmed it!

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