Saturday, August 14, 2010

There's A Veloceraptor In My Shower And Other Reality Checks

I am not really a scatterbrain, I can be a very focused woman. My main problem seems to be that when something gets my attention I focus on it to the point that everything else fades into the background. For example, at the moment I have Medical Terminology assignments to finish, so I have thrown myself into not only completing the course work, but knowing it thoroughly. I have been devoting a great deal of time to it and finding that sometimes I pull my head out of the books and the world seems almost surreal. People speak to you and you almost have to search for the words to reply. Prefixes, suffixes, root words and medical abbreviations - no dramas, 'Would you like another coffee?' - that I can answer, but to actually converse with a person about anything else is hard work and if you want to talk clothes, hair or make-up I am out of here!
This morning I actually wandered into the bathroom to have my shower with my textbook still in my hand. I balanced it on the sink where I could keep reading while I undressed, turned on the shower, stepped in and stood on a Velocoraptor. Then I came crashing back to the reality that is my life! I am not a Medical Dictionary in the making! I am a Mother! I am also a friend, daughter, housekeeper, ex-partner, waitress, photographer etc.....
Last week I put my son to bed with his favourite book (Advanced First Aid) and told him he could read for 10 minutes and then I would be turning off the light. I went back to the computer and started studying. An hour later I remembered my son! Cheeky shit was being as quiet as possible, still reading! Oh well! I haven't forgotten to feed him or pick him up from school yet, so for now I am not going to worry about my occasional mental trips to La-La-Land! He doesn't seem at all worried and lets face it, who else but Mummy is going to diagnose 'Ambo Bear's latest illness or help him fix 'Doggy's pneumothorax ?

Stay Safe - Nurse Wannabe

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  1. PS Thanks to those few great friends who take the time to drag me back to the real world kicking and screaming! Love you!