Friday, August 13, 2010

Crawling Out Of My Cave

Hi Folks,
My apologies for going missing. Life seems to finally be returning to some semblance of normality. Well sort of!
I have not heard from the Happy Stalker for about 4 weeks now and I am starting to feel a little more confident that that issue has been dealt with. My study is going well, with just over two weeks until my final assignment for my Medical Terminology course is due. I finished the last exercise in the workbook this afternoon and did a little happy dance. So now just to finish typing it all up and send it in. Should be able to complete that on time, which has quite surprised me. When I started the course it all looked so damn hard and I was daunted by the fact that I had to learn about 1000 prefixes, suffixes, root words and abbreviations, but completing the final page of the book I was amazed to realize that I had not referred to my cheat notes once. Yeah me!
I have also started Quit Smoking Attempt #3. This time I have gone the Champix option. Well I am on Day 19 and not doing as well as I had hoped I would be but then again I am down from 30+ cigarettes a day to 3-4. I have had pretty much every side effect listed from depression to nausea, but I must say that the strangest side effect has been the dreams (when I do sleep). I have been having the most intense dreams! They have at times been so disturbing that I have taken all day to recover psychologically. But I have stuck with it and it all seems to be settling down now (and I have not amputated any body parts in my sleep for a week now) so I am now more confident that this will work.
Still have not heard back from the Uni about my application, but it is still early for them to be sending out offers, so I am not too worried yet. Give it another month and I will start freaking out. First round offers are officially sent out in Oct, but I was told I would hear well before then. Anyway thanks for listening to me ramble.

Stay Safe - Nurse Wannabe


  1. Welcome back!!
    I've missed you! Missed your awesome stories, edgy wit, and, of course, your artwork!!

    Glad that everything is OK and that you guys are safe.