Friday, June 4, 2010

How To Dial 000

I have just been crawling around and around and around the couch in my living room on my hands and knees chasing my son. About five minutes into this hilarious game I have pulled muscle in my neck and can no longer move my left arm or turn my head. So I have pleaded game over and sent my son to bed with Transformers 2 to watch on his portable DVD player. About two minutes later he reappears.
Son - Mummy, where does it hurt?
Mummy - All the way up here.
Son - Well, just let me know if the pain moves down and you have trouble breathing, because I know the ambulance number and I have my phone.
Mummy - OK sweetie, I don't think that will be necessary, but thank you. Now off to bed! 
Son - Makes an appearance 2 mins later carrying 'Emergency First Aid For Parents -  Actually Mummy, the movie is really loud and I probably won't hear you so you will have to call yourself. The number is here on the front of this book.
Yep, thanks son! You are really cute but Go To Bed!


  1. That is so cute!! Sounds like something my daughter would do. :p

    Sorry about your back. I hope it gets better soon!!