Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun, Games and Dementia

Well I made it through my first full day at the NH and I am totally exhausted. Not physically but mentally. The morning was fairly easy as I was assisting with the art classes - fetching supplies, changing water, getting cups of coffee and generally giving moral support as I know nothing about painting. This will be a regular Friday Gig.
After NH Fish and Chips for lunch (not bad either) it was back to set up for the afternoon game. Last week I learnt how to play Bingo, this week was Hoy. So I paired up with my partner from last week Hilda and we actually won the first hand!!!! Not sure who was more excited, her or me! Last week I believe I called her a Cantankerous Old So And So, well I am changing that to Cheating Cantankerous Old So And So. Boy did I have to keep an eye on her. At one stage I said 'No, that was not the card that was called' only to be told 'I KNOW but I am sick of losing every game!' so I promptly reminded her that we won the first and turned the card back over which was greeted with a big 'Hmmmppphhhh' and lots of sniggers from those with hearing good enough to follow what was going on. There were quite a few occasions where I could not look up at my supervisor for fear that we would both start laughing. Well she stayed for the whole round again, so points to me!! 
Hilda 0 - Bingo Girl 2


  1. That's hilarious!

    Sounds like you have a found a great group of people.

    Bingo Girl - LOVE IT!!

  2. Also have a new permanent assignment on Mon mornings taking around the Canteen Trolley. So I guess for Mondays I'll be Trolley Chick!

  3. Can't wait to hear the Trolley Chick stories :)

    "No dear, that doesn't have arsenic in it, it tastes like almonds because it has almonds in it..."

    "Sir!! You can certainly have milk in your tea, but you will need to get it from the carton..."

    {Oh, I crack me up}

  4. Hahahaha! You crack me up too!
    Apparently my biggest problem is going to be stopping them from buying crap they really don't want just to keep me there talking!
    So the policy is 'I talk, you don't HAVE to buy!'
    They tell me that the canteen could actually be making a profit but we try not to. LOL

  5. Maybe I should add my photo's to the trolley!
    Ah-ha!!! That's an idea! LMAO! I could sell heaps!

  6. "could be making a profit be we try not" - is the trolley owned by the government? LOL

    You should put your photo's on there!! lol

    Sounds like Trolley Chick will be a fun and easy money gig.

  7. No, the trolley is owned by the church! LOL. At least they try to keep their patients money in their own pockets!

  8. OMG. You two are cracking me up!

    I bet you would have some good Trolley Chick stories. I'm thinking that old woman is going to become your best friend (even though you don't let her cheat). :P

  9. I think you might be right! LOL! She is feisty, grumpy, cheats at cards, drinks her wine like it is water (please nobody tell her we water it down anyway) and has a tendency to stab my foot with her walking stick, but I really like her! LOL! And she calls me Bingo Girl! What more could I ask for?