Monday, April 18, 2011

What Happened To You

OK, so I have been incredibly slack! Well here is the update.
I am now 7 weeks into my degree and struggling to keep up with the lectures, tutorials, simulations and workshops. Then there is the assignments (one down and 4 due in the next 3 weeks) and the exams (one down and 2 more this week). My first clinical placement is in less than 6 weeks and I feel like the only thing I am competent at is Hand Washing and Making Beds! I had to hunt for a new house and then move in the first month of uni and three weeks later the only thing fully unpacked is my new study (no longer working in the livingroom). I 'lost' a very expensive textbook only to find it a week later in plain view on top of the printer. My 7 year old is coming home from school and lecturing me on neuroscience and drawing diagrams of nerve cells and brains (he was absolutely mortified that I didn't know what the Corpus Colossus was). I am pitifully broke and my love life is nonexistent. To summarise, I am a mess!
But I am loving it! I have never been happier! This truly is the best thing I have ever done!
So sorry for neglecting the blogosphere, I will make a concerted effort to write more often. In fact I have already started composing my next post in my head!

Stay Safe
Nurse Wannabe


  1. There you are!!! I have been wondering about you lately. I can relate to the stress but still loving it! :p Glad you are doing well and moving right along. Thanks for the update!

  2. i promise it will be over with before you know it. Then you will fill lost for awhile trying to figure out why you don't have something to do. Course after you get the fills in those gaps. Good luck

  3. Now is not the time to worry about dating, you can finish school for you and especially your 7 year old

  4. I agree w/Odyssey...just accept that you don't have a life for the next two years. Instead you are now the proud owner of the title: Nursing Student! LOL

    Hope things are still going good for you.

  5. Girl--how's it going?? Are you done with your first semester?

  6. Nice to get a taster of things from the far side of the world. I'm about to start my nursing degree in September. I'm training in Oxford. Best of luck with the rest of it girl!

  7. haha love your 7 year old lecturing you about Corpus Colossus. Hoping for your update, eh.

    Peny@white nursing shoes